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Apples and Oranges


I have been buying lots more fruits and veggies lately, and even though they require more prep work than the “health food” I ate through the winter i.e. frozen vegan pizza, chickenless nuggets and oatmeal cookies…my produce keeps me, and my fridge, feeling prettier inside.

Getting food ready the minute you get home from the store–before you even know what’s for dinner–makes home cooking so much easier. With a colander, a good knife, a cutting board, and 20 minutes, you’ll have ready to use produce for all kinds of recipes, and instant snacking…all week long.

Here are some examples:

  1. This bunch of thyme is sitting in a glass filled with 1/2″ of water, and covered by a plastic bag that is fastened around the glass with a rubber band. Small bunches of herbs will keep like this for over a week.
  2. These grapes were removed from their flimsy bag, rinsed, and transfered to an airtight container that used to hold cookies. SNACK READY.
  3. Celery sticks. Someone once told me you burn more calories chewing them than you do consuming them. Notice they are strategically placed next to the tofu cream cheese. Just slice the bottom off a bunch of celery, rinse the stalks, cut into sticks. Save the leaves for making soup.
  4. These strawberries and tomatoes are just rinsed and put back into their containers, because I eat them whole. I know, BORING.
  5. Eggs are stored inside the fridge, never in the door. According to Harold McGee, the constant agitation of opening and closing thins out the egg whites. In my house, that egg would spread from here to the Mississippi.
  6. Tofu. To drown or not to drown? Some say cover it in water to store.
  7. I am so against gadgetry. But this “salad globe” is awesome! You just chop the base off a head of lettuce, any kind, rinse the leaves, and transfer to the globe. There are ridges in the bottom that drain water away from the leaves so they don’t get soggy, but the water’s still there, providing moisture. Leafy greens stay crisp for a week! And it looks like Saturn!
  8. A trick I learned from the Thais: to keep basil fresh for days, rinse thoroughly, strip leaves off their stems, shake off excess moisture, and store in a folded-over paper bag. It is so much fun to watch my boyfriend open the bag, thinking there is a burrito or something inside.
  9. Keep some things un-prepped so that you don’t eat everything right away. I will cut up the mango and the melon later in the week.