My Favorite Snacks: A Menupages Searchathon

Basically, you can get anything in New York City. And I don’t think I can. ever. leave.

Tramezzini– Simple Tuscan beach/picnic sandwiches on spongy, crustless white bread. My favorite is chopped egg and tuna.

Takoyaki– Japanese puffed pancake balls stuffed with octopus and topped with mayo, Worcestershire sauce, and bonito.

Acaraje– Brazilian black bean fritters stuffed with baby shrimp and pico de gallo (via

Vietnamese Crepe– A big, crispy yellow pancake filled with bean sprouts, shrimp, and sometimes pork; served with lettuce, mint sprigs, cukes and vinegary dipping sauce.

Lahmacun– Turkish spicy lamb pizza served with fresh sprigs of parsley and lemon.

Gulab Jaman– Indian fried dough balls in aromatic syrup, or, as I like to call them: “wet donuts.”

Whitebait– Fried, french-fry-sized tiny fish, eaten whole with dipping sauce. I originally searched for Marithes, the Greek version, but Menupages is weak on Queens.

Elotes– Mexican grilled corn cup with lime, cotija and chili powder. Served hot, and oh-so comforting.

Poutine– Fries with cheese curds and gravy. From Canada, with oat a doat.

Provoletta– Grilled Argentine cheese. (They also have it at Novocento in Soho.)

Festival– Jamaican deep fried cornmeal breadstick. Eaten alongside Jerk Chicken or alone with ketchup. I like both!

Pierogi– Polish filled dumplings. My favorite are mushroom and sauerkraut, but I usually just get them from my local Brooklyn supermarket and eat cold.

Taiyaki– Black bean filled crispy pancakes in the shape of a fish that I was obsessed with in Singapore. This goes beyond Menupages.

What are your favorites? Have you found them?


3 responses to “My Favorite Snacks: A Menupages Searchathon

  1. This is just a great post overall. An awesome idea, the tramezzini and acaraje both sound awesome. Have you had those two at the places you recommended?

    • I have not been to the sandwich place yet, but I have been to the Brazilian restaurant– though at the time I did not know they had acaraje. But all the food I had there was good. This was about 5 years ago when we had that huge snowstorm. My sister was visiting from LA and we went straight to the restaurant from LaGuardia Airport. I was determined to take her out, and we almost got snowed into the restaurant as a result. We were the only people there, so the waiter went outside to flag us a taxi…and it took a while. The roads were covered in almost a foot of snow. It was a surreal experience considering our previous Brazilian meal together was in BRAZIL.

      Anyway, acaraje is more of a street snack, nice to grab on the go. In Salvador, ladies in big, white skirts and head wraps were parked at every corner, making these things by the dozen and selling out faster than any hot dog cart in midtown Manhattan. The first one I ever bought was so good that I got hit by a car while I was eating it/ not watching where I was going. After I bent down to inspect the tailpipe imprint on my leg (it was a parked car backing up) I PICKED THE BEAN PATTY UP OFF THE STREET, dusted it off, and finished my snack. I think that story sums up the essence of who I am.

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