Kuma Inn, Coming to A Corner Near You

Three cheers for Brooklyn! It looks like we are going to get our own Kuma Inn outpost. Kuma Inn is a Japanese/Pan-Asian Tapas place on the LES…it’s one of those sign-less, up the stairs and through the magic curtain type of places I love so much. And home of the magic dancing bonito flakes!

My friends Sky and Jessica took me there last year. When we walked in, there was a tiny kitchen where I could see King Phojanakong’s and his sous chef at work. To my surprise, they looked up, smiled and said “Hi.”

The small dining room was low lit and intimate. I don’t remember everything we ordered, but I do remember we ordered multiple times, got the seared Aji tuna…twice, and finished three bottles of white wine (it’s BYOB). Maybe that’s what made our above Oyster Omelette so magical…

I love my dumplings

Love those dumplings

By the end of our meal, Bob Marley was playing at party volume, and we danced right in our seats. We were among the last to leave, and when we did, the chefs–still perched in their little corner kitchen–bid us a friendly farewell.

I heard the menu at the new Kuma will be slightly different. I can’t wait to see what other surprises await! Stay tuned…

(Thank you, Sky, for the video/pic.)

UPDATE: Edible Manhattan Magazine did such a fun food shopping tour of Chinatown with King and he took them to my beloved beef jerky palace! They don’t have the food map on their website, but you can read the article.


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