Shrimp Soup Lunch

I met Audrea for lunch at Grey Dog Coffee, a newish place by Union Square. I have to say that it is hard for me to like these coffee/sandwich/salad places becaust that’s the kind of food we make at my job, but it was good.

I ordered the black bean soup with shrimp and a salad. It was around $14… Not cheap for lunch but a lot of food. Bonus points for the laid-back, conversation-friendly atmosphere.

Grey Dog Coffee
90 University Place, between 11th and 12th
Union Square

UPDATE: Based on my above experience, I went back to Grey Dog for dinner last night. I ordered the steak and palm salad, because I’d just gone to the gym and needed protein without a lot of carbs or fat. Steak salad: in my experience, this means a piece of grilled beef, sliced and served over some greens and whatever else they want to throw in. Oh boy. This was so wrong.

The greens were fresh and crisp, but on top of that was a pile of greasy, gristly, chip beef. Yes, chip beef. It looked like someone had run out to a grimy diner, ordered a cheesesteak sandwich, and dumped the inside of it onto this beautiful pile of greens. Since I was starving, I ate half of it and then just couldn’t anymore. It was so greasy…

My advice: Lose the flavorless palm hearts. Lose the hunk of bread, and the parmesan. Get some real meat. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I know times are tough, but for $14.00, real meat would be nice.

And a note for vegetarians and vegans, the “veggie” chili is laced with sliced yellow cheese. I also don’t recommend ordering it for dinner. Since my bf couldn’t eat it, I had a bite and couldn’t get past the burned flavor, which probably comes from sitting in a warmer all day long.


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