Making Brown Butter: Step by Step


Step1: Melt the (unsalted) butter.

Step2: Lots of tiny bubbles will start to appear.

Step 3: The top will get foamy.

Step 4: The foam will change color.

Step 5: At about 300 degrees Ferenheit, the butter is brown.

Step 6: Strain it into a pourable cup and discard solids. Here, it looks like a beautiful, buttery Guinness beer, doesn’t it?

Step 7: Enjoy brown butter in your favorite recipes, like Brown Sugar Brown Butter Hazelnut Pound Cake.

As you can see, there is not much to making it. If you have ever burned something in the kitchen, you can make brown butter. Today was the first time I tried it (on purpose, anyway) and I liked the result.

The taste it gave to the above cake was toffee-like, which makes sense. I looked up toffee and it is essentially sugar and butter boiled together until hard candy forms.

The taste also reminded me of pancakes with syrup. My grandmother used to fry our pancakes in butter, and I did too, up until a few years ago. I guess we were using brown butter without knowing it had a title. Kinda like hearing your neighbor greet your mailman by name and you never even thought to ask or even get him a Christmas card. Embarassing.

So, maybe it’s just the 4:34 am in me talking, but I think butter is like a fern. A fern can fertilize itself (reproductively). Butter can caramelize itself.

Conclusion: Score 1 for Butter. (Sorry, Veganism).


3 responses to “Making Brown Butter: Step by Step

  1. nicely posted … 🙂 … Laila ..

  2. Hi Anita, thanks for leaving me a message on my blog!

    You have an incredible blog here! I am already drooling over your beautifully baked goods. I also enjoy browsing through Electric Blue. I think I will give your fig and rum squares a try this weekend, and I will let you the result.

    Keep cooking!

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