And the Cheapest Sublime Snack Award Goes to…


Where most snacks can be sampled – endlessly – for $0. That’s right: FREE SNACKS IN NEW YORK!! And they are awesome!

I have walked by this cute little shop so many times. If I’d only known, they would have posted my picture inside the door by now, with the caption “RED ALERT.”

My friend Cassie and I stumbled in there after lunch at my beloved Doyers today. I was in the mood for something sweet and crunchy and figured this would be my best bet, since all I had to spend was the loose change in my purse.

AJ, as I have nicknamed it, has an old-timey feel, thanks to oak paneling and gold accents- where rows of neat plexiglass boxes stand at the ready, chock full of a rainbow assortment of dried meats and fruits, and more exotic candies than you can shake a pixie stick at.

A little bowl atop each box offers up bite-sized tastes of what’s inside.

Goodies like:

Candied kumquats!
Coffee infused prunes!
Shrimp peanuts!
Candied tomatoes!
Dried olives!  
Fruity beef jerky! 

And, let’s not forget my favorite: mixed pumpkin and almond cracker. I even PAID to take some with me.

Other items that weren’t free, but I’ll be back for:

Grape marshmallows!
Chocolate candy-covered sunflower seeds! 
Gummi hotdogs!
Seaweed cookies! 
Kiwi gummi bears!
Pencil-shaped tubes of flavored caraageeanan! (Um, not…


Aji Ichiban
37 Mott Street @ Pell


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