Gimme the Gouda Stuff

Yesterday I met my friend Audrea for lunch at AQ Cafe, inside the Scandinavia House, which itself is nestled amongst the consulates along Park Avenue below Grand Central Station. As you can guess, the menu is Scandinavian, and headlined by Swedish meatballs. They are served in a creamy sauce, with a side of mashed potatoes, pickled cucumbers, and lingonberry sauce (a lot like cranberry sauce).

We tried those, along with a salmon platter that included smoked salmon, gravlax, cold potatoes, sour cream, and something that tasted like sweet and sour sauce. Both were okay, but the part of the meal that I just can’t stop thinking about was the Tomato and Cheese soup Audrea ordered ($5).

AQ Cafe Tomato and Gouda Soup

Instead of using spoons, we ripped pieces off the stack of hearty yet soft whole grain bread, thin crispbread and homemade crackers; dunked them in the soup; and took bites while we talked about funerals, pigging-out in Japan, catcalling/harassment of women on the streets of New York, and recycling etiquette.

The soup was made with gouda, and since we were dipping instead of sipping, it reminded me of fondue…a lusciously tomato-y fondue. I will definitely go back again for this, order the bigger bowl (seen above is the cup-sized portion) and a double-tall stack of bread.

Since fondue is a social activity, I should also bring more friends. Or maybe I’ll just eat it all myself 😉

AQ Cafe
@ Scandinavia House
58 Park Avenue (between 37th and 38th Streets)


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