No Fair No Fair No Fair

At 1am I called tech support for some help installing my new scanner and had to beg for them to find someone who knew about Macs. Eventually, my call was shuttled to a nice guy in Ontario, Canada. So, naturally, while we waited for the software to download the conversation turned to POUTINE! I was pretty much obsessed with poutine ever since I first tried it as an upstate-New York college student underage-drinking in Ottawa and Montreal. 

Poutine: french fries, fresh cheese curds, and “red” gravy, is a specialty of that part of Canada and you can find infinite versions of it everywhere.

But NOT in New York 😦   

(Sorry, Pommes Frites don’t count).

So imagine my horror when my tekkie friend asked “what about ‘New York Fries?’ You HAVE to have that.”

That is soooo cruel. They named the place New York Fries but the closest location is hundreds of miles away from here!? You can even get your Poutine fix in Seoul, or the Mall of the Emirates, but if you were hailing one of the NY yellow cabs that zoom across their homepage, it would not be to get poutine, because, for some reason, cheese curds can be shipped sucessfully halfway accross the globe but not accross the border!

 “Authentically New York”…?

More like authentically gypped! Gimme poutine!


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