BREAKING NEWS: M.I.A. Says Soup is ‘Lovely.’ Cook/Fan Swoons.

I walked into Phoebe’s today (it’s 6:49am and I’ve been up all night baking, so what I mean is yesterday) and who is sitting there but my favorite girl-superhero Ms. Maya Arulpragasam…dressed in black and chatting with a Japanese journalist. Crazy!..she is one of my “any three people, living or dead” to come to dinner. And I had just bought tickets for her McCarren Pool show.

Though I’ve been a long time fan, I got a hold of her newest album waaaay after everyone else did (through my boyfriend) — around the same time I started staying up late late to bake bake. The impact her music had on my ability to do that was monumental. The hours flew by and my kitchen saw more booty-shakin’ action than a Sir Mixalot video.

When I finally worked up the nerve to go over and introduce myself, the first thing I noticed was that she was having my tortilla soup! And she said it was “lovely.” Did you get that?

Happy day.

*UPDATE* Who else is going to the M.I.A. McCarren Pool show on June 6th!? And more importantly, is there really going to be a slip ‘n’ slide??


One response to “BREAKING NEWS: M.I.A. Says Soup is ‘Lovely.’ Cook/Fan Swoons.

  1. Ah so cool! I went to see her in October at Terminal 5. Word of advice: stand near the stage as she invites lots of people up to dance with her for the last few songs (if she can!)

    Check this out and groove:

    love your blog! xo

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