My cell phone took a dive into some dirty dishwater last night (with my baking biz going, dishes take up about 1/4 of my life). It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I will get my first camera phone soon! So, hopefully this will be the first, and last, pictureless snack post.

Two points of [unrelated] advice I can offer as a result of my Midtown New York Public Library experience today:

#1: Beware of creeps roaming the third floor who touch themselves while browsing interior design books.

#2: If you happen to stumble on The Kati Roll Company on your way home, consider it fate!

There is another Kati Roll on MacDougal, right around the block from my old apartment, but I brushed it off because the Indian sandwich/burrito/wrap they offered seemed trendy and upscale in comparison to Yatagan, the $2 falafel joint a few doors down (my trusty late-night spot).

But Midtown is another story, and when I spotted that orange awning, I was more than ready for my first Kati roll. Once inside the bustling shop, I took my place in line and looked over the menu.

At first, it made me mad. My usual; “FOOD. BELLY.NOW.” mantra was interrupted by an illustrated chart that I had to look at for a minute to understand. 

The beef roll is represented by picture of a docile-looking steer. The paneer roll is two white cubes sitting cozily side-by-side. Mutton, the one thing I most needed an detailed illustration for, was a brown blob shape – not much help.

Ultimately, I was charmed byKati’s bright menu – a throwback to kindergarten and learning the four food groups. And I take comfort in the fact that we have a menu in this town that people from anywhere in the world could order from by simply pointing.

 The girl behind the register had perfect brows that were set into a fierce “no funny business” look, but I decided to do the slow and annoying thing and ask for her advice anyway. Her scowl quickly melted away as she took a moment to go over my choices, and helped me settle on one chicken roll and one potato roll.

I got them to-go and had a one-woman picnic in the beautiful winter desolation of Bryant Park. In comparison to my Jackson Heights “taco” (a few posts ago), these were more expensive ($4.50), but more conveniently located, and just as delicious.

This time, the spiced potatoes were rolled up inside a plain paratha with red onion, sweet sauce, and some other yummy toppings. The chicken was a bit more “agressively” spiced, and very flavorful.

One roll would have been enough for a snack, and two were more than enough lunch to satisfy my first-world appetite. I will definately be back for more, and maybe next time I’ll demystify that mutton.

As music from the carousel mingled with a police siren, I suddenly realized the Bryant Park skating rink was gone! Well, in New York, things come and things go, but a yummy snack is always right around the corner!

Kati Roll Company
39 West 39th St., between 5th and 6th Aves.


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